Here's how to find our shop.

By car

Drive along Main Street to the intersection with First Avenue. Look for our sign.

By foot

From the center of town, walk north on Main Street until you see our sign.

By bus

Take the #73 Bus to the last stop. We are on the north east corner.

Welcome to HAAS Aerial

HAAS SOLUTIONS SDN BHD was established by a group of young engineers and entrepreneur with a vision of applying breakthrough technologies in business activities.

The evolution of sensing technology is an opportunity to be seized and capitalized. By positioning the company in a niche business segment we are proud to be one of the pioneer company that provide the most comprehensive sensing solutions to various business discipline in the country. Combining passion, knowledge and perseverance we have succeeded in carrying numerous tasks given by our client fluently and proud to be among the most innovative company in the country.

The HAAS is a injunction exclusive collaboration with Centre of Excellence for Unmanned Aerial Systems (COEUAS). The HAAS also has expanded its business field in several other areas such as Agro Technology, Food & Beverages, Fire Safety Equipment Technology, Renewal Energy Research & Planning and Geographical Sensor.


We search the whole countryside for the best fruit growers.

You can let each supplier have a page that he or she can edit. To see this in action you will need to create a user who is in the suppliers group.

Create one page in the growers category for that user and make that supplier the author of the page. That user will be able to edit his or her page.

This illustrates the use of the Edit Own permission.